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Industry Academic Cooperation Division

Leader  Chiou Ai Huei( Assistant professor, Department of mechanical and Computer aided engineering)


  Work Content fully integrated business



Miss Xu Meiyao.


TEL : 631-5026

FAX : 633-1211


L Ministry of Science and Technology plan case 闗 management operations .

L related matters of plan and cooperation .

L Handle School rewards related business .

L Thematic plan balances .

L Project management fee .

L Handle Academic ethics related business .

L reports and proposals on the work of the conference .

L The Board of Management of the Council to remit the work report and proposals of the Research and Development Branch ( including the production and Learning Department ) .

L Revise the relevant regulations of the Academic Service group.

L Administrative unit administrative personnel to issue work management fee matters.

L Control and control of school-controlled management fee .

L verification of Research and development department funds .


Miss Huang   Yaling


TEL : 631-5028

FAX : 633-1211


L The system establishment and management of the Ministry of Education and other public projects.

L To handle the school-level planning of the Ministry of Education and other related matters.

L The project management system uses operations and management.

L Technical Expertise Basic Database lists ( table 1-8, table 6-2 and table Plan related ) reconciliation work.

L year of the school budget allocation of capital Gate funds accounting and distribution operations.

L In the year of the school budget allocation of capital gate funds implementation rate control operations.

L To set up and revise the operation of various public schemes and regulations.

L the dispatch data processing work that the main room needs to reply.

L Other research and development offices with this group of integrated services.

L protection business.

L Administrative admin work.

L public word processing jobs.