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Practicum Career Services Division
Introdution & work

Practicum Career Services Division



1. Arrange field trip and factory visit.

2. Handle affairs related to skill test and scholarship.

3. Provide advice on future career and advanced studies.

4. Assist in the affairs related to alumni association.

5. Handle agenda for exhibitions and achievement presentations.

6. Allocate material fee for all departments.

7. Handle other assigned businesses.



 A. Practicum Services

1. Assist in skill tests and other related affairs.

2. Assist in the arrangement of field trips and other related affairs.

3. Assist in the internship registration.

4. Cooperate with all departments to provide students with internship opportunity.

5. Allocate the practicum expense.


B. Career Services

1. Collect and provide information related to employment, advanced study and Civil Service Examination.

2. Investigate on the employment willingness of graduate students.

3. Assist alumni to register the employment service programs and provide alumni with job opportunities.

4. Collect, build and update companies and manufactures database.

5. Process recruitment registration.

6. Investigate on the employment of graduate students.

7. Collect and organize information regarding advanced study of graduate students.

8. Summit proposal to the National Youth Commission to obtain activity funding.

9. Assist teachers and students to participate in activities held by the National Youth Commission.

10.Work with other universities in Yu-Lin to hold on-campus recruiting activities.

11.Communicate with employment service centers, Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, vocational training centers and Department of Statistics, to obtain the latest employment information.

12.Hold alumni work experience sharing session.


C. Procedures to apply for employment service

1. Process recruitment registration – the registration can be done in person or by phone call and mail.

2. Collect recruitment information – collect information by contacting companies and manufacturers through mail, fax and phone call.

3. Process job-seeking registration – alumni can register in person or through mail and phone call.

4. The latest employment opportunity news will be displayed on the website.