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Intellectual Property Managemont Division

 Technology Transfer Division

         National Huwei Institute of Technology was promoted and renamed as National Formosa University (NFU) in 2004 and the direction of NFU’s development has also turned toward a practical side. With the increasing research plans and outstanding research achievements, it is a must to set up a specialized unit to organize and promote the developed technology of NFU. Thus, the Technology Transfer Division was established on March 2005, under the office of research and development (ORD). Operating in accordance with the Science and Technology Basic Law and Government Scientific, Technological Research and Development Results Ownership and Utilization Regulations, and the Research and Development Regulations of NFU, the Technology Transfer Division is responsible for patent applying, maintaining, organizing as well as promoting the technology owned by NFU. In addition, NFU set up Research and Services Headquarter to handle and execute academy-industry cooperation projects. Apart from that, the Innovation Incubation Center of NFU also plays an important role to assist and support small-medium enterprises to initiate technology transfer. The common goal of Technology Transfer Division, Research and Services Headquarter, and Innovation Incubation Center is to make positive impact on the development and promotion of industries and boost academy-industry cooperation.