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Intellectual Property Managemont Division

Leader Wu Jianxun

TEL : 05-6315442



Work content:

  • Comprehensive Planning group related business planning and implementation
  • Document Nuclear manuscript
  • Temporary business


Assistant Chen Qinzhao


TEL : 05-6315443

FAX : 05-6331211


  • The Association, the Society member related business.
  • Government agencies to cooperate with the system platform.
  • To handle the related business of postdoctoral researcher.
  • For research fellows to study Merit Award business.
  • Full-time teachers or part-time profit-making institutions and groups to repay the relevant business.
  • The new school teachers to study equipment fees review grants and management work.
  • Regular work equipment for the approval and investigation work.
  • the first part of the deep-plough project 2-1 related business.
  • Comprehensive data and response to the department.
  • Financial control, property management and borrowing for the comprehensive enterprise group.
  • Other temporary business.


Assistant Linya stop .


TEL : 05-6313374

FAX : 05-6331211


  • School-level technology research and Development Center related management business.
  • The related management business of the building of the Science and Technology Research Center of the two libraries.
  • Science and Technology Research Center Building Network system maintenance and management, scientific research building IP control and distribution.
  • Science and Technology Research Center building public area clean.
  • self-made education base ( B1 of the Second Hall ) Equipment Management and Dream Workshop machine Station maintenance.
  • To deal with the second part of the Higher Education Research center of the characteristics of the relevant business.
  • Other temporary business.


Assistant Chen Yizhi



FAX : 05-6331211


  • Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Production and tertiary research projects related business.
  • To handle the study-type part-time assistant and student Napao related business.
  • The science park in central and southern China.
  • To handle the laboratory animal care and use group to promote the work-related business.
  • To deal with the Association of Yunlin National University, Zhang Yun Jia University School and College Alliance and the Central Technical College School Alliance.
  • Activities and Information Bulletin of the Comprehensive Enterprise group.
  • the first part of the deep-plough project 1-3 related business.
  • Service Learning student Management.
  • Other temporary business.