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Housing and life expenses

Life expenses in Hu-wei


Living Expenses:


Aside from incidental and accommodation fee, the life expenses in Hu-wei will cost approximately NT$8,000 each month. (U.S$250, exchange rate of 1:32) Textbook expenses are not included.

Accommodation information:


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(This is the website of N.F.U. dormitory in Chinese.)
Notice: The N.F.U. will not arrange rented apartment for international students. If the student would like to search for the information of rented apartment, please ask about International Cooperation Office.
If lived outside of school in Hu-wei, the student will have to calculate the transportation fee in the amount of life expenses. Generally, 5-10 minutes transportation time is required and the transportation fee is about NT$1,000 per month. (U.S. $31) An apartment of one floor is usually shared with two to four people and each tenant has his/her own private room. The rental expense for each tenant is about NT$3,000. (U.S. $94)
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