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Office of International Affairs


ORD implements international and cross-strait academic exchanges and cooperation that are related to affairs, assists departments and graduate schools in academic exchanges and cooperation projects: examples like academic exchange and cooperation with universities in Europe, the United States, Japan and southeast Asia and signing academic exchange agreements and dual programs with foreign universities.  In addition, there are international scholars and professors invited to participate in a wide variety of international conferences such as Biomedical and International Clean Energy Conference, ICAM international conference and 2007 International Automation Engineering Conference hosted by NFU.


1.Plan and integrate cross-departments research guidelines and promote other related issues; advance the capability of research services of NFU.

2.Assist planning the features of research and evaluate the outcomes of application of research sources of NFU.

3.Process the allocation of the equipment expenses for all departments.

4.Implement academic cooperation with foreign universities or institutes and promote academic collaboration plans.

5.Process other related issues of cooperation plan.