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Research and Development Office


Office of Dean "( extension 5029)

The Department's development direction, strategy and annual key work and supervision of the implementation of the various groups of business.

Industry Academic Cooperation Division "( extension 5026)

1. Planning the development direction, strategy and annual key work of this group.

2. Management of the project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

3. the plan to cooperate with the related matters.

4. Rewards related business in schools (lectures, distinguished professors, research gifted teachers) and teacher research grants.

5. The School encourages the special research project.

6. The Ministry of Education Plan case related matters.

7. handling the basic database of the school affairs of the Technical College of education.

8. handle the equipment fee management matters.

9. the Basic database of the Ministry of Education 1-8 tables and 6-2 tables.

School Project Research Program database back-end data maintenance and management.

" Practicum Career Services Division "( extension 5022)

1. Plan The development direction, strategy, annual key work and implementation of the plan.

2. Application for the external internship Program of the Ministry of Education and the drafting of relevant chapters, meeting of the Internship Committee.

3. assist in handling skills verification related issues.

4. to handle the distribution of the internship material fees.

5. Assist the department to handle the application for outside the Factory tour.

6. to Assist the Department for students to visit outside the factory application login operation.

7. Student Skills Bonus and thematic production award application.

8. deal with the school- specific competition.

9. The Ministry of Education National Special Competition Activities Survey and registration and grant funds verification.

deal with the examination of the Certificate of Automation engineer.

to deal with the project skills test related issues.

Assets Protection Contact window.

" Intellectual Property Managemont Division "( extension 5443)

1. Planning the development direction, strategy and annual key work of this group.

2. dealing with the relevant matters such as association, associations, alliances, etc.

3. government agencies and public relations platform.

4. dealing with the alliance of Yunlin National University, the Inter-school Alliance of the Central Technical College and the business of Zhang Yun Jia Alliance.

5. Students from the Ministry of Science and Technology participate in special research projects and college student research and Creation awards.

6. Postdoctoral research related issues in science and technology department.

7. full-time teachers or part-time profit-making institutions and groups to repay the relevant business.

8. New Teachers Study equipment grants and regular work equipment for review.

9. handling the business of the Division and the South Branch.

to handle the laboratory animal care and use group to promote the work-related business.

The first part of the deep-education project and the second part of the Research center related business

Related management business of science and Technology Research Center building.

the relevant management mechanism of the Research and Development Center in the university.

Self - made education base ( B1) Equipment Management and Dream Workshop machine Station maintenance.

Management Services Learning student-related attendance and study-type part-time assistant and student Napao matters.

Handle the research and development planning and integration of our university.

Integration of administrative business matters of the department.

Project related matters.