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Written Instruction for International Student Application Form


1.      Please confirm your identification and see if it answers to the application requirements of           international students or not.

2.      Please confirm the availability of the department that you intended to apply for international     students.

3.      Please download the application form for international student in advance.

4.      Fill out your personal information. (Please attach one 2-inch passport photo.)

5.      List ALL schools attended starting with high school/secondary school to present. (Go to the next     page.)

6.      Write down the major/department that you intended to apply for.

7.      Write down your expecting enrollment date in the following space.

8.      Please choose one school system basing on your study plan.  National Formosa University offers     two different school systems: the bachelor’s degrees of two-year and four-year-academic     programs.

9.      Please check the following blank of your sources of funding.

10.    Do you need to apply the free-tuition preferential measure of N.F.U.?

11.    Do you have any affection or disability? If so, please specify on the following space.

12.    Have you ever publish any publication? If so, please write down the name of the publication and     the publishing date on the following space.

13.    Do you have any special experiences previously? Please specify.

14.    How long have you studied Mandarin or Chinese?

15.    Please specify the place that you had the Chinese Training Program and the name of your     instructor.

16.    Please check the following blank based on your Mandarin or Chinese proficiency.

17.    Please specify your study plan (about 300 words). (Go on to the next page.)

18.    Please read the content of the agreement and sign on the blank.

19.    The fourth page is the check list for the required application materials, please keep it well and     record it accurately.

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